About Wessex Tree Care

From little acorns …

Wessex Tree Care was created in 1993 by Sean Davies and Sarah Willington to provide specialist tree care in Wiltshire. Today you can see our tree teams working all over the West of England. Our entire team is passionate about trees and providing the highest levels of tree care service to our customers. After twenty years as tree surgeons and more, we understand that straight forward, honest advice and polite professional service are absolutely essential.

Top team

Like all self-respecting companies we are only as good as the people who work for us. With that in mind we are extremely selective about the people who join us. We provide the highest standards of training and equipment so we can work on your trees safely and knowledgeably. We work on a wide range of projects for individuals, businesses and other organisations such as Wiltshire County Council. Our work has taken us to all sorts of places from back gardens, parks and rivers to listed buildings, roads and military training areas. Our team, bless them, even removed a tree growing out of a church spire.